This section aims to provide assistance for first-time C64 and Plus/4 -on-PC users. Feel free to contact us with any questions if you get stuck.

Playing Games

To play games on your PC, you need two things:
Manuals and walkthroughs are also available to assist you (click on the first letter of the game that you want help on).

Playing Sounds

To play the sounds that orginated from C64 games on your PC, you need two things:

Configure your web browser to handle SID files

NOTE: This is only required if you want to open a SID file in your browser (eg our Virtual SID Player). The method for doing this is browser specific. Basically what you do is associate a "file type" with an application:

File Type (MIME Type) = audio/prs.sid
Application = path to the sidplayer you installed earlier eg /usr/bin/sidplay2 (for Linux)

Then when you click on the sid file (or select one in our Virtual SID Player), the browser launches the sidplayer and plays your sid.

NOTE: This does not appear to work on Mozilla

Compressed Files

Most files in this site are compressed. You need to install a utility that can uncompress files so that they can be used. Winzip is by far the best, although PKUnzip can be used in DOS.

Utilities required to uncompress files with the extension .zip (eg -

Linux users can uncompress files using the unzip command

WINZIP - (For Windows Users)

pkunzip (For DOS Users)

Loading a game from disk

How frustrating is it to download a game from the internet and then not know how to play it.

Here is a guide:

Attach the disk image to a disk drive (equivalent to placing disk in drive)

Get directory:

load"$",8 (Where drive id=8)


Then pick a file that has PRG after it, and type


Once loaded, type run

TIP: move the cursor to the game you want, type load then type ,8,1 after the last ".

NOTE: if it does not load, try another file on that disk. In the "good old days", you would just type load "$",8,1 and the game would load. Nowadays, games you play have been cracked or modified in some way so you will need to try loading different PRG entries. Belive me, this is childs play compared to loading tapes from tape.

TIP: Most games are cracked and will need the spacebar hit a couple of times before the games starts.

Loading tapes from tapes

See my experiences page for more on tape loading. Loading games from tape is all about "screwdriver angles" and "blind faith".

PC64 Help

Read our PC64 help guide

Connecting your PC to the C64 disk drive

How To Connect Your PC To 1541 Disk Drive

Miscellaneous Downloads

C64 Programmer's Reference Guide (Bible)
C64 User's Guide

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