Jack the Nipper 2 Walkthrough


Infinite Lives

Pressing the space bar turns the border to red indicating infinite lives are in effect. This might help...


Here is the map.


There are 8 objects that are used in completing Jack the Nipper:


Objects are used by pressing down + fire.


Blow Pipe
Dynamite (do not waste these as they form part of a solution)

Weopons are used by pressing fire.



Invisible Bear









There are 10 "naughty" things that you have to do:

  1. Stand here:

    Throw the can of grease at Tarzan and he slips off the rope.

  2. Stand here (next the the crocodile at the top of the map):

    Shoot the native. He will walk into the water (jump on the rope to avoid him - stay on the rope until he walks into the water).

  3. Stand here:

    Shoot the beehive with the blow pipe.

  4. Stand here (just to the left of 3):

    Place the honey in the doorway of the hut. Watch as the native flees from his home away from the bees (honey also works without the bees - you have to walk "off screen").

  5. Stand here (just to the left of 2):

    Make sure you save the game (your emulator will have a "freeze" option. It may take a few attempt to time the throw right. Pull down on the joystick to crouch, and press fire when crocodile is in range (the picture is about right). Throw toffee at the crocodile and its jaws stick together. Crocodiles now cannot harm you. NOTE: You can complete this solution on ANY crocodile anywhere in the game.

  6. Find this place (the tree with 5 left branches that are a vertical jump away - immediately above the left side of the long water run, towards bottom of map):

    Stand here:

    Throw the rope (down + fire). Fall off the end and walk to the right. A native will be caught in it. Branch and native are shown to the left of the screen. It will look like this:

    I tell you, this was the complete bastard missing solution that stopped me finishing this game for a LONG time. Ealan found this one, I would still be playing it if it was not for him....

  7. Stand here:

    Throw the mouse at the elephant. This results in:
    You can now pass the elephant. NOTE: There are two elephants. This example is performed on the elephant near the woodworm.

  8. Get the pineapple and dynamite. Find any invisible bear (tazmanian devil type creature):

    NOTE: When you are holding dynamite you cannot shoot at anything (as the dynamite acts as your weopon). This was REALLY DIFFICULT to discover too (I'm sure Ealan did this one too - are you detecting a pattern yet?).
    Throw at invisible bear (down + fire throws both).

  9. Stand here:

    Throw the onion at the hyena and it stops laughing and starts crying.

  10. Stand here (top long bridge, before solution 5):

    Throw woowdorm. This results in the bridge dissapearing:
Now go to the temple entrance guarded by the native (go to the 2nd elephant, go up around him, and go up the ladder):

You can enter and complete the game. This is the end:


by Richard Mace 2000-2007


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