Bristol Rovers 3 Harrogate Town 0

3pm, Saturday 12th March 2022
The Memorial Stadium
League Two

Match Report

This afternoon we witness a Gas masterclass on how to win a football game in style.

Forget League Two, we had goals this afternoon that would have been fit for a World Cup final.

Aaron Collins with the right foot curler from the edge of the box.
Elliot Anderson with a perfect reproduction of the Ricky Villa goal for Tottenham in the 1981 FA Cup Final.
Aaron Collins with the cheekiest of chips over the keeper.

Gas heaven.

We also witnessed football being played the right way. I cannot enthuse enough about how well we passed the ball around. Lovely one touch possession football. I am of course ignoring the first 20 minutes when we played as strangers.

We have the makings of a REALLY GOOD Bristol Rovers team here. Defensively solid, a creative midfield with bite and a classy striker who is full of confidence.

It is difficult to pick out individual players as the whole team contributed to the result. It was an excellent team performance. What a player Elliot Anderson is though. Classy, hardworking and effective. Aaron Colins was a pleasure to watch today, the guy is on fire. Loved the little boxing celebration down by us in the South West stand. We certainly knocked the stuffing out of Harrogate Town, that’s for sure.

I also love Luca Hoole. Effective and solid defensively, with some nice creative touches and excellent distribution. Taylor and Connolly were rock solid as always. Finley was everywhere and the heart of everything. Outstanding performances throughout the team.

We started nervously, something we seem to do quite a bit, and something we need to avoid when we meet the big boys in the next few weeks. Harrogate could easily have nicked a goal or two at the start, with some dangerous crosses fizzing across our box. As in recent games, by the midway point of the first half we took control, scored two goals and never looked like conceding let along losing the game.

Belshaw got a really good welcome by the Harrogate fans as he ran over to his goal at the start of the second half. Good to see the respect.

The third goal killed the game as a contest, and for once we could all sit back and enjoy a game of football with no drama…

A big home crowd, festival atmosphere (loved the band before the game – nothing better than walking into the ground with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Foo Fighters. Happy days!), dominant performance, wonder goals. This afternoon had everything.

It sure feels good to be a Gashead right now. I am loving it!

Another season high league position of 8th, just outside the playoffs on goal difference only. We are only three points off second place!

(Going) Up The Gas!

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